Sunday, August 19, 2007


I really like this skirt!! I started it August 9 and finished August 16. I wanted to get it done quickly so I could wear it to a book signing that I was helping with. Cat Bordhi came to town! Anyways, I did, and I got a lot of compliments from it.

I used KnitPick's CotLin which I like very much. I knit very loose so I used a US 3, woodens, then switched to Addi Lace Needles for the lace section. They helped a lot with the K3tog. I decided to go ahead and do those even though I know there were other options. I started the second size, got about 2-3 inches into it, tried it on and it was too big, so I went to the smallest size. I think it's because cotton expands on you.

Geeta, it's almost a Royal Blue. The only thing about the CotLin is that it kind of sheds, not bad, but you will have fibers all over you when you put your knitting down.

I'm not sure when I will get to the next one, but it will be soon.


Dotty said...

It looks lovely! Great job!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous. I'm also a loose knittter, so thanks for the info about the needles. I'll definitely swatch with a 3 when I try my Cotlin sample.


Anonymous said...

Your skirt looks great! I just finished mine in Rowan denim but I want to use CotLin for my next one. Does CotLin shrink in length like denim yarn?


marianne skutskär said...

hallo, its a lovely skirt, i have done mine in wool

Tammy said...

It shrinks just a tiny bit, not much at all. I've also gotten comments that it doesn't leave a saggy butt or make the fabric stay in the same shape as your rear-end when you stand up.