Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Greetings from a new member

...with some questions.

Hello!! My name is Laura and I just casted on the Indigo Ripples Skirt two nights ago and I'm thrilled to have joined this group. My blog is at this link.

I have a few questions for ya and hope you can help.

1-is anyone using cotton fleece? how's that coming?

2- I'm using size 6 needles and it's working fine but is it the end of the world if i dont have a 29 inch one?? I know eventually it might get to be a pain but is the skirt affected if you dont use 29 inch ones?

3- On Round 1, there's an increase round then you do seed stich for three rows THEN you do another increase round. I do not understand how you get four increased stitches from this round. I seem to only get two. Can someone help me out? Is it worked over two rounds??



Dotty said...

Each increase round adds 4 stitches to your total stitch count because you increase one stitch before *and* after each side marker. There are 2 side markers so that gives you 4 new stitches.

I knit the skirt on 32" circs using fingering weight yarn and I wish I used longer needles. By the time you get to the ruffle, there are 500-something stitches on the needle and you need a long needle to hold all those stitches.

Michelle said...

I second that opinion on the longer circular needle. It may be easier with the cotton fleece if it's softer, but when I used the Rowan Denim I got seriously sore hands from manipulating all those stitches in the ruffle on 24-inch circs. It's the first time I've had any sort of knitting injury (my kids thought it was hilarious that I said I had a knitting injury).

I've been wavering forever about getting a set of interchangeable needles, but I couldn't make myself spend the money for a whole set without trying them out first (since some people dislike them as much as others rave about them). I finally ordered just a couple of sets of tips and cords from the Knit Picks Options (http://www.knitpicks.com/interchangeable+circular+knitting+needles_NL300312.html) set, and so far I love them! And what a great option, to not have to buy a whole set when you already have a collection of circs. Wish I would have had the longer cord before I finished my ripples skirt.

Amanda said...

I have a Knit Picks Options set, and I was very thankful for it when I got to the ruffle -- I switched-out to a much longer cord (I definitely went to the 40", maybe even the 47"), and it made things much easier (I had developed some pain in my wrists and hands while knitting this as well, and using the longer cord seemed to relieve some of the strain on my hands).

BertandFelix said...

I just started the skirt today using my knitpicks needles. So happy to have them. I got the set as a Christmas present and seem to be using them all the time. They are great for a project like this!

BettyM said...

Hi I am new too. I am almost done. I will do an intro post but thought I would let you know I am using two circulars. It helps. Betty