Monday, June 11, 2007

c'est fini

It's done! Sorry that I don't have a modelled shot - my skinny friend and I are nowhere near the same size.
Here's a close up of the lace (colour is more accurate in the first picture):

And here are the stats...

Yarn: Lana Knits allhemp3 (fingering weight); 5 skeins in deep ocean (that's only $30 CDN for yarn!)
Needles: no-name 2.75mm circs for the stockinette portion and 3.0mm Addi Lace circs for lace section
Mods: sssk mirrored decrease; M1L increase in Rnd 25; modified the increase rate to accomodate the difference in row gauge but kept the number of sts increased identical to the pattern; knit the largest size in the pattern for a 28" waist finished size; stockinette portion is 13" long and overall length is 21"; crocheted chain (using 4 strands) instead of i-cord for the waist tie

Things I learned... You can't do i-cord using a non-stretchy yarn. You must wash and block hemp to get the right gauge. If you're using hemp for lace, use the pointy-est needles. If I make this again, I would use a longer circ.

I love the hemp. It can be tricky to work with but the end result is breathtaking. The drape is incredible and the resulting fabric is incredibly soft. Plus it's machine wash & dry!

I look forward to seeing more finished skirts.


Elizabeth said...

That looks great!

Michelle said...

Your skirt is beautiful! I wish I could feel it. What a lucky friend you have!

Wishful Knitting said...

Lovely- wonderful- it looks divine! Good job.

Lara said...

Dotty - since I knew we wouldn't be seeing this skirt at the Tri-Cities Knit Togethers I thought I'd go looking for it. And I found YOU! Nice skirt. It's exactly as you described it.