Saturday, June 9, 2007


Finished just in time to greet our first wave of summer visitors, which starts Monday. I might be able to get some better pics, but this was it for now. The hubby is working long hours, so it's dark by the time he gets home. I did draft my 3.5 year old for a pic, it's surprisingly good (it'll be on my blog soon), but didn't really show the skirt.

The pre blocking picture scared me, but after a good washing and some pins, I am pleased with the shape. I can't wait to see how it "wears." So, final specs:
Yarn- Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece- color wolverine
Mods- used the sssk mirror decrease, worked 50 rows of the lace pattern rather than 60, made the stockinette stitch panel longer, and crocheted a tie rather than using the I-cord.

Good luck fellow ripplers, I can't wait to see all the finished skirts!


Teri said...

Your skirt looks great!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute!

Michelle said...

Your skirt looks wonderful! Your stockinette section looks so even; the stitch definition is great!